St. John's Teachers' Training College, Kilimambogo, is a Primary Teachers Training College that offers P1 Certification, ECDE Diploma and ECDE Certificate Courses.

Our Core Values

In pursuit of its mandate, the College is guided by the following core values:-


Honesty and upholding high morals


Providing knowledge and skills that will ensure high levels of competence in the performance of duty.


Working together and supporting one another in our endeavor to achieve our objectives.


Working diligently and utilize our resources optimally for quality service delivery.


Operating in an atmosphere of openness and avoiding underhand transactions

Respect for individual differences: 

Ensuring a peaceful co-existence irrespective of social status, gender, tribe or religion.

Our Motto:Per AsperaAd Astra.”; “Through the rough ways to the stars”

Our Vision: “To be a centre of excellence in quality education and training for effective teaching”

OurMission: “To train primary school teachers equipped with desirable skills, knowledge and attitudes, responsive to the challenges of a dynamic society”

Our Quality Policy

St. John’s Teachers’ Training College, Kilimambogo is committed to providing quality education and training of P1 primary school teachers.

In order to achieve this, the college shall uphold standards in service delivery through conforming to and continually improving the quality management system in line with ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Our Strategic Objectives

  1. To improve on customer satisfaction in the college
  2. To continually improve academic performance in the college
  3. To improve and develop infrastructure in the college
  4. To continually improve the quality management systems for quality service delivery.